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Anki Wickison Art

“I try to achieve a balance of harmony between tonal values, design, colour and mood. I love colour.
Watercolour with its subtle and gentle effects is a perfect medium to achieve that.
My paintings cover a wide range of subjects including boats, seascapes, landscapes, townscapes, still life’s, dogs, animals and motorbikes.
My aim is to have a mixture of styles just to show the huge variety achievable with watercolours. My personal taste is to paint realistically with a loose approach.

My job description as an artist is to capture, interpret and possibly enhances the world around us.
My passion for travel provides a wonderful opportunity for  sketching, painting and photography. I have travelled to many parts of Europe, USA, Africa, South America and Asia.

I strive to explore the limitless possibilities watercolour painting offers and admire the endless effects that can be obtained. I paint a variety of subject matters, Plein Air from life or photos.”

About Me

Anki Wickison

Born & Educated in Sweden, 30 years in Australia, painting in watercolours for 29 years

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